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AIOCT combines proven learning methodologies with the latest technology, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed and that you get the most value from your IT training investment. The AIOCT advantage is our expert instructor-led training, set in our advanced self-study format with enhanced user controls, which helps to recreate the classroom experience, anytime, anywhere. All AIOCT courseware includes labs, exercises and practice exams, and best of all, is guaranteed to get you certified. We guarantees that our course curriculum not only meets but exceeds your certification training needs. AIOCT has a proven track record of successfully preparing IT professionals for their certification exams for the past decade.

With the growing demand for skills and greater competition in the workforce today, there has never been a better time to obtain your certifications. Certifications are credentials achieved through testing to validate knowledge within a specific IT function.

Certifications are recognized throughout the industry as the standard for validating knowledge and skill sets and help individuals demonstrate a proven level of expertise. 74% of IT managers say certification is an important factor in considering an employee for a position or promotion. The benefits of IT certification are numerous, and include higher pay, improved marketability, increased knowledge and confidence and greater respect from management and colleagues.

Change is the only constant in the IT field. Getting certified and keeping your skills current is the key to continued professional success!



IT Certification
In many industries it is imperative that your employees are certified in order to win contracts or comply with military edicts. AIOCT is well-versed in the requirements and the training necessary for your team to meet its quota for professional development credentials. Find out more about our IT certification solutions.

Project Management
The growing need for project managers has called for many companies to require a project management training solution. AIOCT can help your company develop a project management office or simply develop project managers that meet your organizational management style. Learn more about Project Management solutions from AIOCT.

Employee Development
Developing management from within is a cost effective way to strengthen the core of your business. AIOCT can help you define and develop a solution that provides training, encouragement and guidance for the individuals on your team that you would like to build into effective future leaders.

Business and Leadership Skills
There is a wealth of good (and bad!) training for managers and leaders. AIOCT helps distill that information down into a wide variety of quality courses that can help your mid to senior level management improve their skills and lead your company to greater future achievements. Learn about AIOCT's solutions for business and leadership.

Sustainable Learning
AIOCT has many obligations, not the least of which is to the environment in which we operate. As a highly technological and digital business, AIOCT has a corporate goal to offer the same effective solutions with a minimal footprint on the environment. Read about some of AIOCT's green initiatives and sustainable learning principles that can help you meet the environmentally conscious requirements of your community.

Custom Course Development

AIOCT can author, film and develop custom courses that are built specifically for content determined by your company. From compliance based courses to niche technologies, AIOCT has experienced instructors to work with and for you.

AIOCT can be your partner in the Education arena. We give you the opportunity to solidify, enhance or develop an educational training program with custom courseware, off the shelf curriculum or other blended learning options. Contact an educational rep today to learn how AIOCT can improve your educational endeavor.




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